Conversation Questions: Work

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What's your ideal job? Why? How has technology changed business? Do you think it's created more work or less?
Is it typical for men and women to have the same jobs in your counrty? Would you prefer to have an easy routine job or a job in which you made a lot of decisions?
Do you think office romances can be successful? Why or why not? Do you know of any couples who have met at work? Do people usually work for one company for a long time in your country or is it common for people to change jobs every few years? Why do you think people in the US change jobs so often?
Describe the first job you had for money. Would you prefer to work four ten-hour days or five eight hour ones?
In your opinion, which jobs are most prestigious? Why? How do people address each other at work in your counrty? How do you address your boss? Your co-workers? What do you think of the idea that at most offices in the US nearly everyone goes by their first names?
What three things are most important for you in a job? Why? Do women usually work after they get married in your country?
Would you like a job that involved a lot of travel? Why or why not? Have you ever known anyone with one of these jobs? Tell about them.
If you could own your own business, what would it be?
Who in your family or among our friends has the most interesting job? What about the most boring? How important are clothes at work? How does your job determine what you wear in your country?

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