Conversation Questions: Travel

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How many countries have you been to? Describe the best trip you ever took. Where did you go? Who did you travel with? What did you do?
Where did you spend your last vacation? What did you do? Describe the worst trip you ever took. Where did you go? What made it a bad trip?
When you were a child, did your family take trips? Would you always go to the same place or different places? What three countries would you most like to visit? Why?
When you are travelling, do you try to speak the local language? Do you prefer winter vacations or summer vacations? Why?
Have you ever taken a package tour? If so, tell about this experience? Would you like to take a cruise? Why or why not?
What type of accommodations do you usually stay in when you travel? Have you ever hitchhiked? If so, where were you and how was this experience?
Where will you go on your next vacation? What three countries would you least like to visit? Why?

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