Conversation Questions: Socializing & Friendship

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Who was the last friend that you met? How did you meet them? How did your parents meet?
Describe a perfect night spent with friends. Describe your best friend from when you were a child.
How are your family members also your friends? Tell about one person. When did you last go out with friends? What did you do?
How often do you go to a bar? Who do you usually go with? When you're with a group are you outgoing or quiet? Why do you think this is?
What do groups of friends usually do when they go out together on weekend nights in your country? Do you usually hang out with a few close friends or many different people?
How do you think your social habits would be different if you had grown up in the U.S.? How much do you socialize with people from work? What do you usually do?
How many friends have you kept from childhood? Tell about them. In your language, is there more than one word for friend? If so, how are these words different?
Are there things that people do for fun in other countries that you would like to see more of in your country? How do you think that the way people socialize changes when they drink alcohol?
Tell about the last party you went to. In your opinion, how do humans socialize differently from other animals? How about the same?
Who's your best friend? How did you meet him or her? How are the social habits of people who live in the countryside different from people who live in cities?
On average, how long are you usually friends with someone? Would you rather watch TV alone or with other people? How about going to the movies?

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