Conversation Questions: Science and Medicine

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Who is the most famous scientist from your country? What did he/she do? In what ways has science most advanced society?
In what ways has science had a negative impact on society? What do you think about evolution and other theories of natural selection?
Do you like studying science? Why or why not? What natural disasters occur in your country? Explain why they happen.
How do you feel about cloning? Do you think it's ethical for scientist to clone animals? What about human organs? In your opinion, what's the greatest medical advancement of the past century? Why?
How has science influenced the way detectives investigate crimes? Do you think there is life on other planets? If so, how close is it and what does it look like?
What's your favorite branch of science? (For example, biology, physics, astronomy.) Do you know how your computer works? If so, explain how.
How have you personally benefitted from developments in modern medicine? What do you think will be the greatest medical breakthrough in the next ten years?
What scientist do you respect the most and why? If you could contribute something to science or medicine, what would you do and why?
In your opinion what has been the most important scientific discovery ever? Why? How would society be different if scientists hadn't discovered and developed electricity?
How has science helped people to have children? What do you think of this? When do you think scientists will develop a cure for AIDS?

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