Conversation Questions: Art

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Have you ever seen an opera? Have you ever been to the symphony? If so, tell about it. Tell about the last time you visited a museum. What did you see? Who did you go with?
How much does your country's government support funding for the arts? How important is this expense? When eating out, what's more important to you: the way the food looks or tastes? Why?
Do you own any original art work? How did you acquire it? When you visit another city, do you go to art museums? What's the most famous art museum you've ever been to?
What is traditional art from your country like? How much do you know about it? What's your most creative pastime? For example, do you like to paint, draw, or take photographs?
Do you consider moving-making an art form? Why or why not? What's a famous building in your country? Why is it famous?
Who is your favorite artist? Describe their work. Do you own any books about art? How often do you look at them?

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