Lessons: Class Discussion

Time: 90 Minutes

Level: Intermediate-advanced

Materials: One copy of the Classroom Handout for every two students.

Preparation: 5 minutes (Print, read, copy, teach)

Directions: Explain to the students that they're going to do an activity involving discussion. Put them in pairs.Pass out the Classroom Handout. Tell them to choose five topics that they want to discuss. After they have chosen their topics, they should discuss the questions and write one of their own. You should circulate, helping them with vocabulary, writing down errors to go over later, clarifying the questions, and encouraging conversation.

After they have discussed the questions, working with the same partner, they should respond to at least one question for each topic. They should also write down their three best questions for others in the class to answer. As they're writing their questions and answers, you should be circulating and guiding students to self-correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

For Homework: Have each student respond to at least one of their classmates' questions.

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