English Games for Students and Teachers

English is the international language of business and culture in our day, and without a good command of its grammar and structure, it is hard to succeed in the world. Understanding spoken English is not enough; we must also be able to read and write it to fully understand the language. Practice makes perfect, and if we do not take time to review important English concepts, we can make mistakes that have significant consequences.

Consider English punctuation, for example. Lynne Truss, in her famous book Eats Shoots & Leaves makes the point that the proper punctuation can be the difference between life and death. The panda that eats shoots and leaves is never to be feared, but the panda that eats, shoots and leaves may kill you with his shotgun. Inserting a comma after the word eats in that phrase introduces a pause that turns the panda into a killer!

Proper English spelling is also vital for accurate communication. The words there and their may sound the same and may be spelled similarly, but they mean different things. There is an adverb that answers the question where? and their is the plural possessive of the pronoun they. You would not put your coat over their and the teachers would never instruct there students.

Practicing English can seem burdensome, but there are ways to make it fun. Online English games, in particular, are excellent resources that allow you to master English vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and much more. When you play English games, you are not only enjoying yourself but you are also increasing your brainpower and knowledge as well. The following list represents some of the best English games on the Internet. Play them and you will practice everything you need to know to become adept at using the English language.


English Grammar Games

• British Council Grammar Exercises — Interactive exercises that reinforce English skills are available via this link.

• English Grammar Games — Dozens of great games that help students practice basic English grammar can be found on this site.


Grammar Arcade — Click on the Grammar Arcade link on this page, and you will get access to some fun arcade-style grammar games.

Grammar Ninja — Grammar Ninja is an entertaining game that helps students identify different parts of speech.

• Houghton-Mifflin Grammar Blast — Although these games are designed for students in grades 2–5, playing them is a handy way for anyone to reinforce their understanding of basic English grammar.

NeoK12 Games — This site is great for ESL students, as it has many basic games that are suitable for practicing English grammar.

Punctuation Games

Comma Chameleon — Help the chameleon catch punctuation marks and practice your punctuation knowledge.

• Punctuation Campground — Harcourt Publishing offers this good game that tests various aspects of punctuation.

Punctuation Quizzes — There are twenty different interactive punctuation quizzes on this page.

Test Your Comma I.Q. — Here is a short game that will test knowledge of comma placement.

Topmarks Punctuation – Several fun games for younger students are found here, but they will help anyone practice their understanding of English punctuation.

Spelling and Vocabulary Games

• Road to Grammar Games — Five good spelling games are accessible on this site.

Kids Spell Games — Many free spelling games for students of different ages are found on this site.

Spelling City — This website devoted to English spelling has several free spelling and vocabulary games.

• Spellits — The BBC has three games here that are devoted to English Spelling.

• Spin and Spell — The Spin and Spell game is a fun way to practice your spelling.

• Word Dynamo — Word dynamo allows people of all ages to practice their spelling and knowledge of English vocabulary.

Miscellaneous English Games

• Bradley’s English School Games — The fun games on this site allow you to practice spelling, grammar, and more.

• Brain Training English Games — Games that allow learners to practice several different English skills are located on this site.

Fun 4 the Brain English Excitement — This page has many fun games that will help you practice basic English reading and grammar skills.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Language Arts Games — Students can find many good English practice games on this page.


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